If there is something we love about the Android versions when they are released, it is to try those little surprises that come in the form of easter eggs, known as “easter eggs”. Curious additions that can go through a simple effect on the screen until, as in the case at hand, a minigame.

We are talking about Android 11, which has seen the beta 3 arrive so that all those who are interested and have in their hands a Google Pixel phone can start testing it. A beta that hides an “easter egg” similar to the one we saw in Android 7 Nougat. At that time it responded to the name “Neko” and now, as at that time, cats are once again protagonists.

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As shown in Android Police, we are faced with a game hidden in the Android 11 code. If you are one of those who have already downloaded beta 3 and have a Pixel, you can try it in the usual way that Google has us used to.

Simply click repeatedly on the version number of the system that we can access in the “System settings” and then in the section “Information”.

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Once on the screen, we just have to slide the rotary control to bring up the Android 11 logo.

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When we get to that screen, we must try to bring the dial to the maximum possible value. When after several attempts let’s get the day to value 11, we will see how a notification appears in the form of a cat emoji.

At that point, we must access the new smart controls of the Android 11 power menu and configure its new cat harvest controls. It will be necessary to touch on the menu of the three points and choose “Add controls” and later “See other applications” in the new screen to see how a new application called “Cat Controls” is generated.


From there, we must add the three controls (Water Bubbler, Food Bowl and Toy) with the aim of attracting and catching cats.

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Once we are winning cats by getting a collection, they appear in the controls menu in a new section of “Cats Controls”.

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By clicking on this new menu we will have access to all the cats that we have been collecting. When we catch a cat we will see it reflected in the bubble-shaped notification screen in what is to be a kind of game for users to get used to the new functions that come with Android 11.

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