He Google Assistant improves one of the features that allows you be aware of your day. The ‘Notifications’ section now becomes even more proactive implementing over the next few days adding more kinds of reminders and suggestions.

The Google Assistant will no longer be limited to keeping you up to date with essential information such as your events, reminders or trips, but now in addition to showing more information, will recommend activities what can you do.

New reminders and recommendations


The Google Assistant will begin to show you a summary of other important tasks, such as next birthdays and holidays. The summary of our daily snapshot now will adjust based on time of day and according to the interactions with the assistant, for example in the morning we will see the weather, the traffic to go to work, events and headlines of the day.

Also now it will start to show recipe recommendations, delivery restaurants, activities, and podcasts. All these recommendations will also vary throughout the day, such as the recipes, which depending on the time will show you recipes for lunch or dinner.

Finally, and for now only available in english, we can ask the Google Assistant “Hey Google, show me my day” to see our summary of the day without having to touch the icon in the inbox. Google announces that the voice command will reach more languages ​​in the future.

Via | Google

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