Starting today we have a new way to access the new remote control for Google TV and Android TV that has now been integrated into most Android devices for less than two months. Not only available in the app anymore Google TV it is also available the Google application to control the home.

If you don’t have a TV or device with Google TV, like the Chromecast at home, you no longer have to have the application installed Google TV on your mobile to control your Android TV. Now with the app Google Home you can also do it.

This is the Google Home remote control

Specifically, from version Google Home 2.46 (APK), whose update will reach the world during these days, releases the remote control to allow us to easily control our television from our mobile.

Google Home Remote Control 1

Once the Google home automation application and your Android TV / Google TV have been updated, you will see how when you open Google Home and touch on your TV the new shortcut appears at the bottom “Open command”.

Android TV Remote: how to use the new remote control for Android TV from the mobile quick settings

The first time we open the remote we will have to enter the pairing code. Once the code is entered, the new command will be activated, which is practically the same as the one for the Google TV application with the difference that here we can only use the “touchpad” version. Google Home does not allow changing the remote control with virtual crosshead.

Google Home Remote Control

The Google Home remote control also appears in the quick settings of Android 12 and in the Android 11 power menu. By pressing the switch on the TV we will have direct access to the remote control.

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