Smart mirrors are not something new, but it is surprising that there is a brand that has incorporated Android into its models. With Full HD touch screen under the glass, adapted interface, with all Android functions and even Google Assistant. And with a price that starts at 1,119 euros (with offer).

That Android is valid for any smart device is something that makes special sense when we approach the manufacturer Livmark, a brand that has made its debut manufacturing … smart mirrors. As you read: it is possible to have a Android mirror to read Gmail emails while getting ready every morning. Or ask Assistant to buy toothpaste, see what the weather is like on the street, or play Angry Birds by dragging your finger on the glass.

Smart mirror with Android, the best of both worlds

Android Smart Mirror 1

Livmark mirrors are committed to intelligence so that they serve not only to reflect their owners, but also to make life easier (in theory). As we have seen in many science fiction movies and series, Livmark is committed to offer information under the glass layer allowing the user to use the rest of the surface to reflect. In this way you can visualize in the mirror everything you need for the day ahead.

Not that the first time we see a mirror with Android since the idea has even had prototypes; like the one we could see at CES 2016 created by a Google engineer. As in the test mirror, the Livmark mirror offers Android 8.1 and an appearance that resembles tablets. The touch pad occupies a portion of the mirror with a Full HD screen under the glass. And it is suitable to show from the interface created to take advantage of the use as a mirror to the rest of the usual Android functions.

The device has speakers, Bluetooth, equips an ethernet connection, WiFi, offers a camera (perfect for selfies from just up), has IP65 water protectionIt includes a microphone, speakers and can even be controlled with Google Assistant. Let’s go, it is a tablet embedded in a mirror and with an interface prepared to be used while you groom yourself with the dryer or apply makeup.

Below is an analysis of the coNA Android smart mirror made by the brand itself.

There are several models, it all depends on the type of mirror you want and its size. Of course, they touch somewhat prohibitive prices, especially considering that they are still mirrors: all exceed 1,000 euros. As for it to fall off while you are riding it.

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