With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, Google Maps has not wanted to miss the most social and consumerist time of the year to premiere new tools that will help us to plan our trips and to save time in our purchases.

They are about two new features of Google Maps that reach the whole world, and another novelty that they premiere in the United States and that we hope to see very soon in the rest of the countries. The news are these:

13 TRICKS to get the MOST out of GOOGLE MAPS

To avoid, or not, the crowds

For years, Google Maps shows us what crowded that is a place, showing rush hours so you can move safely, painting the busiest neighborhoods yellow of each city. Well, now Google takes another step.

Google Maps Busy

From now on we can also see how busy the most popular neighborhoods are. A new icon surrounded by a “luminous” circle informs us visually that area is currently very busy. By clicking on the icon you can see the busiest hours in the neighborhood. This way you will be able to know what time the neighborhood is busiest or what are the quietest hours to visit it.

Google Maps

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The directory of shopping centers and airports

Google Maps Directory

For last minute purchases Google Maps has added a store directory that appears in the tab of shopping centers and airports. The section will allow you to know what stores it has and where they are so as not to get lost, as well as filters and a search engine to find what you need without wasting much time.

Price per person in restaurants

Price Range Short

The novelty that for the moment remains in United States is the new information of price per person, where you can see the price range that your customers usually spend. So you can get an idea of ​​what it will cost you to go out to lunch or dinner by seeing what most people usually spend.

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