Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 have begun to be sold in Spain, and that they bring software improvements over the previous generation, Samsung is taking advantage to update them: The Samsung Galaxy S20 begin to receive One UI 2.5 in Europe. This update comes with Wireless DeX, Video Pro Mode, and More.

Samsung’s custom layer is constantly being improved to offer more options to users even though it is still quite heavy. And the latest version aroused good feelings in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20; with envy for the owners of a Galaxy S20, the generation that precedes the most recent. And you no longer have to envy the changes: One UI 2.5 is coming to the European Samsung Galaxy S20. Turn to update.

Video recording Pro, wireless DeX and more

When we learned about functions as comfortable as use DeX desktop mode without any cable we wondered if it would end up reaching older Samsung phones. In principle there were no obstacles since a common wireless connection is used, but Samsung preferred to leave the DeX without cables as an exclusive of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Fortunately, this exclusive has not lasted too long since the Samsung Galaxy S20 can use it if they update to the latest software version.

As Samsung itself has communicated, the latest update to the Samsung Galaxy S20 is in full swing. And it is extremely juicy as it upgrades its layer to One UI 2.5, with all that this implies in terms of stability power consumption and design. In addition, the mentioned mobiles receive improvements such as:

  • Wireless DeX. Without a doubt it is one of the best innovations introduced: desktop mode on a TV and without cables.
  • Video recording improvements. New Pro and 8K mode in 21: 9.
  • Audio bookmarks. Samsung Notes notes let you record audio with your annotations appearing right where they were spoken.
  • Import and write to PDF documents. The Samsung notes app is now much more complete when it comes to editing a PDF.
  • Share the WiFi password with other mobiles. Samsung Nearby allows you to share the network key with nearby Galaxy devices.
  • Other minor new features, like automatic setting of time and place for meetings and tasks, also new templates, background colors, and improvements to automatic saving and syncing of Samsung Notes.

The update has already been rolled out in Europe and It should be coming to all Samsung Galaxy S20, also to the Spanish. You can check on your phone if it has already arrived.

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