Yesterday the first beta of Android 12L arrived, the next version of the operating system for Google mobile devices and whose news will focus on large diagonal screens, as we have been able to prove.

But what Android 12L It is a version mainly focused on tablets, folding and Chromebooks that does not mean that this version will not bring news in devices with a smaller screen. Pixel mobiles updated to Android 12L have received an important novelty.


A new way to change your wallpaper

One of the novelties that Google has brought to its Pixels with the arrival of the first beta of Android 12L we found it when changing the wallpaper, since now you can change the wallpaper without leaving the home screen.

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Until now, to change the wallpaper you had to do a long press on an empty area of ​​the home screen to display the option ‘Style and wallpaper’, which opens the application Wallpaper and style so that we can personalize our device.

Android 12l Wallpapers

Well, with Android 12L, after a long press on the home screen next to the options menu, a selector appears in the ‘Style and wallpaper’ option directly from the menu. This integrated selector allows us to quickly change the wallpaper between the five wallpapers most recent.

This feature does not seem to be exclusive to the Google Pixel, since in the October ‘Developer Preview’ version, it was possible to activate this fund selector in the AOSP version of the application launcher, with which it seems that with Android 12L this new way changing the wallpaper would reach more devices.

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