This afternoon Google has published five tips to finish our Christmas shopping with Chrome, where in addition to reviewing some of the features of your browser also has announced an important novelty.

And it is that for your first advice Google Chrome premieres the price tracking, to inform us when a product has dropped in price, but at the moment its launch is very limited. This novelty comes to Android this week in the United States, and in the coming weeks to iOS, but without mention of the rest of the countries. Still, let’s see what the new Chrome for Android price tracking consists of.


Price tracking in Chrome

Google does not want us to be updating a website every two by three to know if a product is on sale or has dropped in price, and for this it will be the open tabs grid the one that will track the price for us.

Chrome Price Tracking

Therefore, the user will only have to leave an item page open to see if it has dropped in price. In the grid of open tabs will show the discounted price and the previous price who had the product when we last visited the store. Of course, it seems that the user will have to be aware of the open tabs to see if there are offers, because in the Google statement it does not report any notifications.

How to configure website permissions in Chrome for Android and what it is for

The other four remaining tips that Google has published in its browser remind users of the integration of Google Lens in the address bar to search for an article using a photo or image. It also recommends its users to use the strong password generator for registrations and autocomplete addresses and payment methods to simplify purchases. And finally, it also reminds users in the United States that from the desktop version of Chrome it shows the carts that we have pending so that we do not forget to finalize a purchase.

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