One of the best third-party applications to manage calls from our Android device is Truecaller. With more than 270 million users, the popular caller ID and spam is renewed with its update to the version 12.

Truecaller 12 comes with important news. The application separates calls and messages into two tabs making its interface cleaner and simpler, but it also launches two important new features beyond its redesign.

Video Caller ID

The first major novelty announced by Truecaller is the new video caller ID (Video Caller ID), a feature that allows us to record a short video as a greeting that will then appear to our Truecaller contacts when we call you the next time. This is a very original way of showing that we are calling a contact.


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Call recording for everyone

When the call recording came to Truecaller three years ago did it through its Premium paid version, but from version 12 there is no longer any payment to be able to record calls. The feature becomes free, making Truecaller one of the best applications for recording calls while we wait for Google to activate call recording worldwide as well.

Truecaller Call Recording

During calls we will see the option to record, but in order to use it, we will have to configure Truecaller as the default calling application and accept a couple of permissions so that the application can make recordings and save the data in memory. Then en the call history we will see the play icon in those calls that have been recorded.

Truecaller: ID and spam calls

Truecaller: ID and spam calls

  • Developer: Truecaller
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free with in-app purchases
  • Category: Communication

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