For more than four years that WhatsApp allows us to delete those messages sent by mistake to prevent them from being read, but so far it only allows us to delete our own messages, something that seems to be changing soon.

Via WhatsApp Beta A new function in development has been discovered by WABetaInfo, and they have managed to activate to offer us the first screenshots of a feature that will surely be very well received by the administrators of the groups: delete any message.


Delete any messages in groups

Everything indicates that at the beginning of 2022 the popular messaging client will add this new way to moderate a WhatsApp group, allowing administrators to delete any message that has been sent to your group.

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As we will see in the following screenshot, for messages deleted by an administrator the message will appear “This message has been deleted by an administrator”, without saying which person was who deleted said message. According to WABetaInfo tests, administrators will be able to delete messages from other administrators as well.

Whatsapp Administrators Delete Messages

With this future novelty, administrators will be able to maintain more order in their groups to power delete spam messages or that they go outside the rules or thematic of the group. They can no longer only expel a person from a group but also their messages.

But this is not all, WhatsApp seems to want to extend the time we have to delete a message. At first it would seem that it was going to eliminate the time limit of 4,096 seconds but in the source code of WhatsApp Desktop it seems that it is vain to extend it to seven days and eight minutes.

Via | WABetaInfo
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