If there is a title that stands out among strategy games, it is undoubtedly Civilization. The famous saga created by the video game designer Sid Meier in 1991 is still alive and has six major installments, as well as various expansions. The last big installment was Civilization VI and it was released in 2016 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Although Civilization is a saga that was born on the computer, it has also been adapted to mobile phones. In 2018, Civilization VI came to iOS thanks to Aspyr Media, but on Android we kept waiting. Until today. It has been made to beg, but Civilization VI has finally hit the Play Store.

Free download, but you will have to pay to enjoy all content

Civilization Vi

As its name suggests, Civilization VI is a strategy game in which we will have to create our own civilization, deciding how to expand the territory and what resources to spend at all times. The game mechanics are turn-based, but here is an important detail: Only the first 60 turns will be free, to be able to play the full game you have to pay 21.99 euros. Additionally, the Civilization VI Rise and Fall and Civilization VI Gathering Storm expansions can be purchased.

It is not a light discharge. In fact, weighs no less than 4.21 GB, so it is more than recommended to download it while connected to a WiFi network and have enough space on the mobile. Once installed, the game gives us the option to start the free trial or unlock all the content. At the beginning it also gives us the option to choose our level of knowledge of the game to adjust the tutorial according to our needs.

Civilization VI

Civilization VI

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