You can pass WhatsApp chats between Android and iPhone, according to WaBetaInfo

You can pass WhatsApp chats between Android and iPhone according
You can pass WhatsApp chats between Android and iPhone according

We are in 2021 and WhatsApp messages cannot be transferred from Android to iOS (at least for free), but this is close to changing. From WaBetaInfo they have had access to screenshots showing the tool in which WhatsApp is working, which will allow migrate messages from iOS to WhatsApp.

At the moment it is not known how it works or if it will be through a cloud service or some type of local file (an unlikely case due to the differences between operating systems). However, the information from the source reveals that the migration of messages between iOS and Android is closer, although there are no specific dates.

Passing WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS will be possible


The change that WhatsApp users have been waiting for so many years in either of the two major operating systems, iOS and Android, is closer. Chats cannot currently be migrated when switching from platform, since Android makes the copy in Google Drive and in iOS it is done via iCloud. This prevents restoring the message histories between the two. Along with multi-device support, the big change that is coming in WhatsApp is this migration.

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The process can be done from the phone through a new option included in the WhatsApp settings

The information that has been leaked is a screenshot in which a new section appears in WhatsApp for iPhone: move chats to Android. From this section, as its name suggests, WhatsApp messages can be transferred from one operating system to another. The screenshot shows a warning that it is necessary to update the app to be able to transfer the history, so the change should come to the hands of a new version of WhatsApp and not through the server.

The operation of this tool is still unknown, but it is most likely that a copy can be made through a cloud service, such as Google Drive. There are no approximate dates for this function but the good news is that it seems to be a little closer.

Via | WaBetaInfo


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