One of the advantages of YouTube Premium is that its users can download the videos to view them offline from your mobile application, and about this feature YouTube has started testing a new feature.

Through the experimental functions, YouTube for Android has started testing the new smart downloads for your subscribers and for a limited time. Specific, until February 14.

This is how smart YouTube Premium downloads are

If you are a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can check if you can now activate smart downloads by clicking on your avatar. Profile> Your Premium benefits> Try new features. There is popping up the new experimental function of Smart downloads that some users from today can already try.

Youtube Smart Downloads

As it appears in the description of this function in tests, YouTube will automatically download a total of 20 videos via Wi-Fi per week, which are the 20 recommended downloads that YouTube has so far recommended downloading manually.

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Once the experimental function is activated, when accessing Library> Downloads the new section will appear Smart downloads with a shortcut to activate or deactivate this automatic download of recommendations. With this YouTube function we want to ensure that its users will always have videos to play even if they do not have an Internet connection.

As of February 14, this experimental function will be withdrawn, and it will not return to its subscribers until Google gives the go-ahead and officially launches smart downloads to all its subscribers.

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