The users YouTube PremiumIn addition to having access to YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free, offline and in the background, they also have access to new experimental features. For a limited time, subscribers are the first to try the next YouTube news before they officially reach the world.

And one of those experimental functions that YouTube app for mobile is testing its paid users is a very important novelty, since it will allow us find the most interesting moments in a video in a very simple way.

Find interesting moments by searching a video

Since last summer YouTube for Android added a practical gesture that allows us to press the screen and slide to the right and / or left to go to a specific point in a video, showing the thumbnail of the frame of the current cursor position in the progress bar.

Well, the experimental function adds a graphic that will highlight the most viewed parts of the video when we move through the progress bar, also showing the most viewed moment of the video with a highlighted icon. The size of the waves in the graph will be proportional to the number of reproductions of each part of the video.

Seven YouTube gestures to squeeze your player on Android

In this way, we can go to the most important part of a video by simply sliding the playback cursor and taking it to the highest part of the graph. Currently this feature is only shown in some videos and will be available to YouTube Premium subscribers until next January 7. If the experiment is successful, it is already a matter of weeks until Google activates this novelty for everyone.

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