Remini is an application that, through artificial intelligence, achieve amazing results when it comes to increasing the quality and sharpness of our photographs. It is a very useful tool so that we do not discard photographs that may have been blurred, or to rescue those old photos that have little quality and to which we want to give a second life.

Let’s teach you how the app works and how you can turn blurry or blurry photos into sharp images. Best of all (although it has privacy implications) is that the entire process is done in the cloud, so we do not need a powerful mobile to enjoy this app.

Rescuing those photos that are not sharp

Remini Examples

Remini does an amazing job restoring sharpness to those photos that are not sharp. The operation will depend on the application we use, but works especially well with old photos. Specifically, it completely recovers their sharpness and reduces noise as much as possible to “clean” it. The performance is also quite good with photographs that may have been somewhat blurred.

How is this accomplished? Through artificial intelligence. When we open the application and give ‘Enhance’ what we are doing is upload it to the cloud (Remini details that it is uploaded either to the Amazon cloud or to that of Alibaba). Here it is processed using artificial intelligence, to later be returned to the phone already processed. For practical purposes we are not aware of this, since the process takes only a few seconds.

Remini App Android 10

And why is all this done in the cloud? Because in this way the app can work well on all mobiles and it does not depend on their power, but on their own cloud. From Remini affirm that no personal or face-related data is stored. The app is completely free and works through a credit system that is recharged daily and automatically, although we can force its reload by seeing advertisements. If we want to avoid the ads we have to pay the premium subscription for 5.49 euros.



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