Google continues to promote its new streaming video game platform. If for a few days we can play from any mobile, and from the touch screen, now it gives a boost to the sales of your pack.

From today, Stadia Premiere Edition drops in price, and forever, it is not a temporary offer, it is your new recommended price. Now buy the pack that includes the remote and a Chromecast Ultra you will get 23% cheaper.

Stadia Premiere Edition at € 99.99

Of the 129.99 euros now Stadia Premiere Edition happens to cost 99.99 euros, 30 euros cheaper, but the new pack is already does not include the code with the three-month trial subscription. New buyers can only try Stadia Pro free for one month and buy their first game with a € 10 discount like the rest of the players who register at

If you like Stadia and want to enjoy the best experience, Stadia Premiere Edition It is the best and cheapest option, since for 99.99 euros we have your remote (69 euros) and a Chromecast Ultra (79 euros), which separately would cost us 148 euros.

This drop in price wants to boost Stadia sales this summer, and surely also to end the stock of Chromecast Ultra. Later this year Google is expected to launch its new Android TV Stick and perhaps a new pack with the Stadia controller and the new dongle.

Stadia Premier Edition is sold through the Google Store. The pack includes the remote control in white and the Chromecast Ultra. We can also buy the Stadia remote control separately for 69 euros in three available colors. If you already have a Chromecast Ultra at home, all you need to do is buy its official controller. Stadia will also be officially compatible with Android TV soon, although you can already play using a cheat.

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