Amazfit smart watches have several sensors so you can record your training sessions in addition to the quality of your sleep. This sleep analysis was limited to bedtime, but with a last update, The Amazfit GTR and GTS will also analyze your naps.

If you are very napping and have an Amazfit smart watch, you will be interested to know that you do not need any special application now so that your heads can be registered. The latest firmware update take naps to the Amazfit GTR / GTS.

Quantify your naps

If you have an Amazfit GTR or Amazfit GTS watch and you start to notice slightly heavy eyelids, you are in luck, because these best-selling smartwatches have just received an additional function as a firmware update: napping record.

This is literally the only innovation in the latest firmware update that is already available through the official Amazfit application: “it supports monitoring of sporadic naps of more than 20 minutes during the day. “These smartwatches already quantified sleep, but only at night.


To start quantifying your naps, you will have to update the firmware from the official application in a process that requires two parts: the firmware installation and then installing additional resources. Then, on your part, you don’t need to do anything except close your eyes to enjoy your nap. The nap information will appear in the Amazfit application.

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