Android 11 will not only be present on mobiles. The next major update to Google’s operating system will also hit TVs via Android TVs and media players, and to test upcoming developments Google has released Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV.

The preview of Android TV with Android 11 You will receive many privacy, performance, accessibility and connectivity features from Android 11 Developer Preview. You haven’t mentioned any news about its interface, but we already know that when it is officially launching its dongle it will have a new interface like Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Android 11 Developer Preview for a single Android TV

Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV it’s for developers only, that’s why it will only be available for the ADT-3, the Android TV device for developers. Therefore, this preview is not available to consumers.

Developers who have an ADT-3 will be able to manually install Android 11 Developer Preview by enabling developer options and running the command flash-all once the factory image file has been unzipped.

Android 11 Developer Preview filters Android TV from Google

That factory image hides a configuration video of the next Android TV from Google. The animation shows us how to turn off the power of the Google dongle for three seconds.

The drawing confirms that the leak of the design of Google’s Android TV, code name Sabrina, it’s true. The Google dongle would come with a controller and integration with Nest. Its launch is expected later this year.

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