With the arrival of Android 12 not everything has been news and improvements. Along the way there are other features present in previous versions that have been lost, such as the quick settings of Wi-Fi and data, or the volume control compatibility with your Chromecast.

If you are one of the few privileged people who already have Android 12 on their device, and you like to send content from your mobile to your Chromecast you may have detected that with Android 12 you can’t control the volume from your mobile, and this is not an error.

Android 12 can’t control the volume of your Chromecast

This problem was originally detected last August, with the launch of Android 12 Beta 3, and everyone thought it was a bug of said preview, but Google confirmed that this problem was intentional, but with the release of Android 12 Beta 5 they will include a kind of solution. But as we have already seen, that solution did not come.

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With official Android 12 already on the market, more and more users complain that they can no longer control the volume of their Chromecast / TV from the Android 12 volume control. Something that was very practical, since you sent a content to the TV and touching the volume controls of the mobile adjusted the sound. Now when you touch the controls the Chromecast or Google TV informs you that you have to do it from the TV remote.

Given the constant complaints, a Google employee has had to confirm that Chromecast volume controls are disabled on Android 12 due to a “legal issue” that you cannot share in a public place. This “legal problem” appears to be the lawsuit that Sonos filed against Google last year for using its technology in its Google Cast technology (Chromecast).

Google reports that they are still working to offer an alternative solution, but doubts that it will reach Android 12. Surely if they find a solution it would arrive with Android 12L in the middle of next year, which would leave the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a unable to control the volume of the Chromecast from your own volume buttons.

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