Android will have native Matter support through Google Play Services: the standard for the connected home will arrive in 2022

Android will have native Matter support through Google Play Services
Android will have native Matter support through Google Play Services

Today, October 21, the Google Smart Home Developer Summit 2021 began, the summit for developers of connected home devices, in which Google has announced important news that will give a good boost to home automation.

As expected, they have given more details of the launch of Matter, the standard promoted by Google, Apple and Amazon, among other companies to ensure compatibility between devices.

Native Matter support on Android


Among all the novelties, one of the most important is that Android will be compatible with Matter, and it will be in all versions compatible with the Google Play services, since Google will add Matter native support via a Google Play update.

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This native Matter support on Android will translate that Android devices will recognize Matter devices that we have at home. When we install a new home automation device, Android will recognize it and show a notification or pop-up Fast Pair advantage.

Android Matter

Google reports that setting up and linking a new smart bulb to Google Home will be as easy as pairing a Bluetooth headset with our mobile. With a few touches of the screen, the home automation device will be configured, thus eliminating the use of manufacturer applications and the manual process of linking with the Google Assistant.

During the installation of a home device, Android will ask us with which home application we want to control said device, and then it will show us suggested routines that we can add to automate some tasks from the first moment. Google together with the manufacturers of home automation devices will improve and enhance the routines.

Matter is an IP-based protocol that works on current communication and connectivity standards: Ethernet (802.3), Wi-Fi (802.11), Thread (802.15.4) and Bluetooth low energy.

Of course, for our Android device to recognize nearby Thread devices we will have to have a Thread compatible device at home, such as a Google Nest Hub (2ยช Gen) or a Wifi Nest, whose support will arrive from spring 2022, like the update for Android devices. Furthermore, the next generation of Google speakers is expected to also support Thread, and therefore Matter.

The latest novelty is the “re-present” of the brand Google Home, which is now also the name for the Google’s new platform for the connected home. Google will leverage the Google Home brand to inform consumers if a device is compatible with the Google Home app, and it will also use the Google Home brand for developer tools.

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