The technology of smartphones has changed dramatically in recent years, but this evolution is mainly visible in Flagship and other high-end segments of smartphones.

We do not see much in the price segment of $ 200 smartphones, which is called the budget segment for a reason.

But that does not mean that you can not enjoy a variety of applications available for Android smartphones.

If you opt for a budget segment smartphone, you will probably get a smartphone with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.

A phone like this one is not able to install many applications without hindering the experience.

In this article, we will list our few essential apps available for Android, smaller in size, so you can easily install them on your budget smartphone without affecting the user experience.

Facebook Lite

The majority of budget smartphone users use social media applications such as Facebook, but another reality is that a Facebook application is quite cumbersome.

Facebook knows it and that’s why they introduced a lighter version of the application, called Facebook Lite, also available on the Play Store.

If you do not want to use the Facebook Lite app, you can check this list of Facebook application alternatives. There are many Facebook applications that you can install on your phone, each of them being smaller.

Install from the Play Store

Revo Uninstaller Mobile

Since you are using a low-cost smartphone, it is essential that you keep a tab on the space occupied by the applications installed on your smartphone.

You will need to install and uninstall mobile apps more often because of space issues on your smartphone.

It’s a lightweight application manager that allows you to easily uninstall applications you do not want and tells you how much space we can save by installing applications.

Install from the Play Store

Lockwatch – Thief Seeker

This is an application of just under 500 KB, to install absolutely on the smartphone.

You can install Lockwatch on your smartphone, unlock your phone with the help of the application. So, whenever someone tries to open your phone by guessing the pattern lock, it will click on a picture of the person you sent.

It also tracks the position of your phone. Thus, in case of loss of your phone, you can follow it with the help of this application, although the Androids phone tracking function also works on your smartphone.

Install from the Play Store

Via browser

Even if the basics, Android smartphones come with a default browser, even free Google Chrome is installed on them.

However, if you are still looking for a third-party browser, Via Browser may be a better choice because it weighs less than 500 KB.

This will not take much space on your smartphone and will still allow you to browse websites if you do not want to use Google Chrome or the default browser on your smartphone.

Install from the Play Store

Lite version of popular apps

If you study with magazine managers in front of a smartphone, you can use the Lite version of the most popular apps instead of their main apps.

Most of the features of these applications will be similar, unlike the UX and intuitive.

Open the Google Play Store and type “Lite Apps” in the Google Play search bar.

You can also enter the name of the application for which you want to use the “light version”, to check if there is a Lite version of the application.

Check-out Lite apps available in the Play Store

There is a lightweight application for Twitter, Ola, Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, etc.

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