Instagram recently deployed in dark mode for its iOS app as well as for its Android apps. Let’s see how you can turn it on.

Enable Dark Dark Mode from Instagram on iPhone

The dark mode for Instagram is available on iOS 13 in native mode.

Make sure the latest version of Instagram is installed on your iPhone, which is also running iOS 13.

Since iOS 13 integrates a native dark mode into the operating system, it also works seamlessly with Instagram.

To turn on the dark mode throughout the system on iOS 13, go to the settings, then tap the display and brightness on which you’ll find the black button. Once dark mode will be enabled on iOS, including Instagram.

How to use dark mode on Instagram on iOS 12 or older versions.

For iPhones running on iOS 12 with older versions, a workaround is to use dark mode.

Smart invert is a feature introduced in iOS 11 and is the best thing to do after the native dark mode.

In words, the colors become white, the white becomes black and the black text becomes white.

You can turn it on by going to accessibility settings and selecting the option under Show accommodations.

Touch Invert Colors, and activate a Smart Inverter. If you plan to use it frequently by enabling and disabling it, you can also add the shortcut to the control center, which is a bit more convenient than entering the settings whenever you want l & # 39; use.

Other options would involve jailbreak your iPhone, which is not recommended.

Enable dark mode of Instagram on Android mobiles

Similarly, the native dark mode of Android 10 is supported by Instagram.

To use dark mode on Instagram, make sure your smartphone is equipped with Android 10 and you have updated the Instagram app from the Play Store to the latest version.

Once you have done this, you can go to the settings area of ​​your Android mobile tab, then press the dark theme button.

How to use dark mode on Instagram on Android 9 for older versions

Unfortunately, dark mode is not available in native mode on Android 9 or Instagram, but there is still a workaround if you really want to get an idea of ​​the dark mode aspect on your mobile phone.

There is an application that you can install from the Play Store, called dark mode for Instagram. What you need to do is give the mobile web version of Instagram, we can connect to it and get an idea of ​​the dark style.

I know it’s not as practical as the native Instagram app on your mobile phone, but you still need to know what it’s going to be like. This is a temporary solution until the dark mode is officially launched on older versions of Android.

There are also other options, such as using a modded application for Instagram that is not official. If you think the developer is enough, you can also use it. But I suggest you wait for the official launch, which is much safer.

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