WhatsApp is testing sending money in some countries, although you still can’t do it in Spain. Or yes, at least if you are a BBVA customer: the keyboard included in your application allows you to send Bizums without leaving WhatsApp. It even works in other applications, such as Telegram: we explain how you can get the most out of it.

If Bizum has become the most common means of payment and sending of money in Spain, and WhatsApp has done the same with communication through messages, why not combine both to achieve a easy to use and almost universal means of payment? It is not directly possible since WhatsApp does not offer that option, but there are ways to achieve it. BBVA Cashup, this is the best weapon.

Send Bizums without leaving WhatsApp thanks to BBVA Cashup

Send Bizum Whatsapp

Unfortunately, the method of sending money and payments using the BBVA Cashup keyboard it is restricted, as is logical, to the clients of the bank. If you are one of them, and you installed their application on your Android, you have everything you need to send Bizums without leaving WhatsApp or Telegram. It is super comfortable.

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Apart from the app itself, BBVA includes a keyboard that enables the sending of money taking advantage of the Bizum platform. Keeps the app safe, saves many steps and avoid having to leave the messaging app: BBVA Cashup brings notable advantages. Although there are also drawbacks, such as having to change keyboard just to send money: the BBVA keyboard is not suitable for typing.

You have a BBVA account and you have the bank’s application installed on your mobile. Now let’s see How can you make a Bizum without leaving WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook or any app in which you can display the keyboard.

  • Access your Android settings, type “keyboard” in the search engine and enter keyboard management. The name varies by brand: “Default keyboard and list”, “Manage on-screen keyboards” …
  • Activate BBVA Cashup and accept the privacy notice (It is a generic Android warning, the keyboard will not steal any security key). If you have never used it, it should be deactivated.
Send Bizum Whatsapp

  • Go to WhatsApp (or any other app where you write) and display your Android keyboard as if you were going to write to the person you want to send the Bizum to.
  • Look for the keyboard switch icon. It usually appears at the bottom of the screen, it can also appear in notifications.
Send Bizum Whatsapp

Icon to switch keyboard on Android

  • Select “BBVA Cashup” to choose this keyboard as the default.
  • You will have to give permission to the keyboard so that it can access the agenda. It is essential to send Bizums to your contacts.
  • Select the person from your agenda who will receive the Bizum. If it is a number that is not among your contacts, use the numeric keypad, the icon that will appear at the bottom right.
Send Bizum Whatsapp

  • Once the contact has been chosen (or the phone number has been typed in) write the amount of money you are going to send. When you are satisfied, click on “Continue”.
  • Once the operation is authorized the money will be automatically transferred to the chosen person.
Send Bizum Whatsapp

  • The BBVA keyboard will automatically write a message as the amount has been sent. Send it and the contact will see the confirmation on their WhatsApp.
  • Once the Bizum has been sent, change to your original keyboard: BBVA Cashup is not good for writing.

The first time you have to configure several steps, quite the opposite of what happens on the following occasions: switching to the BBVA Cashup keyboard is so fast that you will have sent the Bizum in seconds. It is much faster than using the bank application, it is also simpler.

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