Brawlhalla is a hilarious game that takes time on both Xbox and Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC. It is a kind of ‘Smash Bros’ in which we choose our hero and we fight other players. We can do well in 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 pairings or four-player matches against each other.

The game already has reached the Play Store in the pre-registration phase, so we can soon download it to our Android phone to enjoy this fun installment.

Brawlhalla lands on Android in registration phase

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One of the games that has hooked the most to the server during the quarantine has been Brawlhalla. Quick games where we face various players online, all based on blows on platforms. In these various weapons are falling that we can take to hit the rest of the players, with different characters that have different abilities. Does the mechanics sound familiar to you? Indeed, it is very similar to the classic Nintendo Super Smash Bros.

Brawlhalla has its own characters and also with the latest update came Ben 10 characters

With the latest Brawlhalla update Ben 10 characters arrived, thus opening the range of selectable characters and combat mechanics. It is also of a completely free game and no purchases included. On the main platforms it does not have advertising, so it will remain to be seen if they decide to monetize with ads on Android or not.

It remains to wait for Brawlhalla to be available for download, something that should occur in the coming weeks. Point out here that Ubisoft promised that there would be Cross-Play in the mobile version, so we can play against our friends if they do it on console or PC.



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