It happens that mobile app and game stores are so full of alternatives for all tastes that sometimes it seems that some great titles go under the radar. This may be the case Bullet Echo, a game from the creators of the timeless Cut The Rope in all its forms and versions and that is a jewel in itself. And it is also multiplayer.

It must be recognized that the mechanics of Bullet Echo is quite simple, although its touch controls are all the time inviting us to connect a Bluetooth remote to our mobile. We have to kill them all, survive, and for this we will need to sharpen our senses because human beings live not only by stealth. We tell you more about this game than It has reminded us, and that’s good, of Hotline Miami.

For himself who can, that player is coming for you

In Bullet Echo we carry a weapon and our perspective is zenith. We can move to one side and another, rotate, we cannot jump and there are not many more tricks for its development. As we say, it reminds us of Hotline Miami in that seemingly simple design but that invites an overflowing gameplay. But Bullet Echo has something very interesting: we do not see the whole scene because it is dark.

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As we are the protagonists of each game, we see what our character sees: the cone of light from the flashlight that opens in front of us and that prevents us from seeing what is behind obstacles, doors or when turning a corner. If you want to see something you have to look out, and maybe there is a shotgun there waiting to give a good account of you. In a sense, it’s like playing classic DOOM but changing the position of the camera, although some dim lights on the map can give us clues about the environment.

Bullet Echo

Such is the mechanics of the game that its creators (and also us, pardiez) recommend play with headphones so we can hear the footsteps and shots of other players. Steps recreated with great quality and that allow us to know, with a little practice, where they are and even where they are going. That is all we will have to navigate through the scenarios of a game that throws players onto a map and hopes that only one of them will abandon it.

Playing with headphones will help to know more or less where they can attack us

Bullet Echo puts at our disposal a total of 21 different heroes and up to 5 different classes. We have the frontal attack Tanks, the ideal Ambushers to prepare ambushes, the Snipers with more precision at a distance, the Scouts or the Troopers, possibly the most balanced of all, although they do not shine in anything either. You have to choose carefully because each hero has their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and they can lead to victory on our side or on the side of another contender.

Bullet Echo

The games can be played alone, as a team or by activating the battle royale mode so that barbarism is unleashed all over the map. There are different maps for each type of game, don’t worry, everything is designed to the millimeter. The development is similar to that of other battle royale games like Fortnite in the sense that the games give us some respite at the beginning to equip ourselves with ammunition, defenses, weapons and healing gadgets.

Once that first moment of calm passes, the storm breaks loose, and whoever can be saved. The title is free although purchases are offered inside to unlock different objects and characters, but we can play as much as we want without spending a single penny. We leave you the download links below and good luck: good hunting!

Bullet Echo

Bullet Echo

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