Although it remains somewhat in the shade in terms of news, the truth is that Chrome OS has not stopped moving since its launch. Google’s operating system for laptops is becoming more versatile with each improvement and the latest will bring the user experience even closer to that of the company’s mobile phones.

9to5Google account that they have found a functionality in the Chrome OS source code in the development phase. A functionality that is called “Sharesheet” and that seems to have to do with the functionality of the same name previously found in Chrome for Android, the company’s mobile operating system. With this functionality, Chrome OS would get a “Share” menu similar to Android.

Share between apps and external devices

The Android share menu

Apparently, this “Sharesheet” functionality of Chrome OS will be very similar to the “Share” menu of Android, although it will harbor some differences with the mobile operating system. Some of them will have to do with the apps that we have installed on our Chromebook with Chrome OS, and also progressive apps or PWA will be left out, which work on Android but not yet on Chrome OS.

Wireless devices will also appear in this Chrome OS menu thanks to the “Nearby Sharing” that had been previously shown and which had the function of becoming a sort of “Airdrop” for devices with Chrome OS. So we can not only send files, URLs, photos and other things between applications but also to external devices.

It is unknown when this “Share” menu that Google has in development will be implemented

The new Chrome OS “Sharesheet” feature should appear in the Chrome toolbar, next to the address bar, and may also be displayed via the right mouse button, so that integrates with the operating system interface in all your apps and not just while browsing the Internet.

At the moment it has not been discovered nothing about the arrival date of this functionality to Chrome OS, nor on board which version will be seen land. We look forward to learning more about this feature if data continues to leak before it is released.

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