With the launch of Phone Hub, Google began to improve the Chrome OS and Android integration, allowing users of a Chromebook being able to respond to messages, check the status of your mobile battery, share data or view open tabs in Chrome for Android, among other options. But soon an important news will arrive.

Leaked earlier this year, Chrome OS is preparing to bring the screen of your Android mobile to the screen of your Chromebook, a feature that according to a new leak would already be around the corner and that reveals more details about its operation.


Your Android apps on your Chromebook

Phone Hub Apps

The filter Mishaal Rahman has managed to activate this feature that is among the configuration options of Phone Hub O My phone of your Pixel 3 XL, and that is simply called Apps.

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According to the description of this option, you can temporarily use your phone apps from your Chromebook. The operation seems to be very simple. When we get a notification to our mobile, it will also appear on the Chromebook. By clicking on the notification, Phone Hub will open or mirror the application on the screen of our Chromebook.

The feature is temporary because we can only open an application if we receive a notification. Chrome OS will not allow us to open the application we want and when we want on the screen of our Chromebook. They can only be opened from notifications.

It is unknown if this novelty from which version of Android will be available or if it will be exclusive to the Google Pixel as already happens with some integration with Chrome OS. Google could announce this functionality tomorrow with the presentation of the Pixel 6.

Vía | XDA Developers

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