After more than nine months of waiting since its launch on iOS, Android users can enjoy one of the best PC and console games of 2018 on our mobile devices. The acclaimed Dead Cells is already on sale on Google Play.

Developed by Motion Twins and distributed by Playdigious for our mobile devices, Dead Cells offers us an addictive action game and platforms, creating its own genre baptized as roguevania, result of merging gender roguelike, with its dungeons and permanent death, with the genre metroidvania and its concept of non-linear platforms. All under a graphic retro pixel art section.

Platforms, dungeons and permanent death

In Dead Cells we will have to explore and fight against the enemies that will appear in a castle that is constantly changing and expanding. We are facing a very replayable title, especially for that permanent death.

In each game we will die to learn how to defeat new enemies and to unlock new levels. In addition, the game allows us to play at our own pace and style, since it offers different paths of different difficulties thanks to its nonlinear progression.

Dead Cells It has a promotional price of 8.99 euros and offers game modes (Original and Auto Attack). This mobile version has custom touch controls and gamepad compatibility. Once the game is purchased we will not find ads or integrated purchases.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells

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