Future mobiles will have an extra protection on the screen thanks to the new toughened glass Gorilla Glass Victus, a key smartphone component that Corning has publicly unveiled. Gone are the numbers: after Gorilla Glass 6, Victus.

One of the big nightmares of any smartphone fan is that it slips from their hands, falls in a free fall to the ground and, after the stroke and cardiac arrest, pick up the phone to check with horror that your screen is fragmented. There is no doubt, it is the main repair of mobile phones; all in spite of the fact that manufacturers like Corning have been improving the resistance of the glass that covers the screen. And you can always go further in such resistance: welcome Victus.

Corning abandons numbering with Gorilla Glass Victus

Gorilla Glass 6

The manufacturer of tempered glass accustomed us to the fact that the name of its key product, the toughened glass sheets for mobile devices, followed a numbering. So since Corning Gorilla Glass 6 has been with us for two years now, we all anticipated that it was coming. Gorilla Glass 7. Error.

As detailed by Corning on its website, the manufacturer of tempered glass chooses to change the name of its product from the numbers to the names. And Victus is the first chosen, a glass that ranges from 0.4 mm to 1.2 mm, depending on the client’s needs.

Corning has improved the scratch resistance of previous models, as well as the resistance to falls and bumps. As the company proclaims, and always attending to the data shown, a mobile equipped with Gorilla Glass Victus allows it to resist falls of up to two meters without chipping the glass (Gorilla Glass 6 resisted drops of up to 1.6 meters). The surface is of higher quality, withstands up to 4 times more scratches than its competition and withstands higher levels of compression thanks to greater plasticity.

The new Corning Gorilla Glass Victus crystal targets the highest range of mobile phones. As confirmed by company officials to The Verge, Samsung will be the first mobile manufacturer to integrate Victus in a model that is to come (Samsung Galaxy Note 20?). We will have to check if it really withstands scratches and bumps.

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