Google was betting on smart responses in Allo and Reply, two applications that ended up being canceled. Of course, the technology of intelligent responses is still very much alive and Google plans to expand it to many more applications. The last in receiving the smart answers, GboardIt has the potential to bring smart responses to almost any application.

The Google keyboard is already trying to integrate smart responses into various messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram or the Messages application. The funny thing is that the answers are not included on the keyboard itself, but in the text box of the application in which you write.

Google complete your sentences

This time, we did not find prerecorded phrases that are added with a button, such as the typing suggestions that have been on the Google keyboard since time immemorial or the most recent Gmail Smart Replies. The system basically is completing the sentence you write, like Gmail’s smart writing.

The most curious thing is that the writing suggestion is included directly in the box of the application in which you are writing, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Messages. The difference between what you have already written and the suggestion is that the latter shown in a light gray color.

These typing suggestions work similarly to the typing suggestions that appear at the top of the keyboard, although they are not exactly the same. Suggestions that exist so far only suggest the following sentence, while the new smart suggestion method can suggest complete sentences.

In this way, Gboard will try to complete the sentence for you and, if you are correct, you can accept the phrase by sliding to the right about it, in which case it will be written entirely. If you want to change something, you can always edit the text later.

These writing tips are appearing to some users in beta version of Gboard, although for now the test seems pretty localized. At the moment Google has not publicly announced this novelty, so we do not know what its plans are for the deployment of the function to all users.

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