Google has been testing the dark theme of its application for more than a year, and in all these months we have seen how it has been improving as it appeared and disappeared, the last case a few days ago. After twelve months of waiting, now they really are going to launch this novelty to everyone.

The company has confirmed that from today they begin to activate the dark theme in the google appOf course, only on devices with Android 10 or iOS 12 and 13. They report that throughout this week it will be available to everyone.

Dark theme on Android 10

The dark google theme it will dye all its white interface dark gray, also changing the letters and icons to improve its visibility and readability. The dark theme is applied to the entire application, so we will see its search engine, the Discover section, the Notifications, the Collections, the Assistant and the settings in the dark theme.

Google Dark Theme

The Google application will allow us to configure your theme from More> Settings> General> Theme. There we can choose whether we want the application to always be in light theme, dark theme or the system that changes the theme when we activate the dark theme of the entire system from the quick settings or activate the energy saving mode .

Google has only announced the dark theme for Android 10, so previous versions like Android 9 seem to be left without being able to officially activate this mode.

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