As Google uses every year, the company has just chosen the best indie games from Play Store. Following the convening of the ‘Indie Game Festival’ in Europe, South Korea and Japan, Google has chosen the three best games in each territory. And there is remarkable quality in the proposals.

Indie games are a style highly appreciated on all platforms, also on mobile: Google is responsible for attracting developers with incentives, exclusive sections for that style of creation and also, Every year the ‘Indie Game Festival’ is held on Google Play, a competition that searches for the best titles available for Android. And we already have the nine winners from Europe, South Korea and Japan: it’s worth going to download them.

Great quality, freshness and millions of downloads

Best Indie Games Europe

The nine chosen titles, three by territory, have been available for some time in the Google Play Store in each country. Some are global and others are only distributed in certain countries, at least for now. And yes, quality and originality are common in all of them.

Europe’s best indie games

  • Cookies Must Die. Destruction, platforms, large amounts of fun and a secret agent modified by government scientists to breathe incredible superpowers into him. The combination of this game makes each game a challenge. And to finish off some evil cookies, what more could you want.
  • inbento. A delicate puzzle game in which you have to jump without help: there is no text. Drag the pieces guessing what movements they will cause on the board and solve each of the 120 included puzzles. Inbento costs 3.09 euros.
  • The White Door. Intriguing story for a puzzle game of impeccable invoice. Very well designed, original, with charisma-laden graphics and a plot that makes your hair stand on end. The White Door is a small wonder for your mobile that costs 2.99 euros.

Japan’s best indie games

  • IGGIGAFALL. Authentic Japanese game that raises the destruction of meteorites in space using a laser cannon. At the moment it is exclusive to Japan.
  • METBOY!. This is kind of a Pang! Retro style that comes loaded with action. You have to control a helmet that jumps and shoots, all to finish off the enemies on each screen.
  • Wasurenaide, otona ni natte mo. ‘Don’t forget it, even if you’re big’ – this is what the game title literally means. Under this name, this indie winner offers a curious mix of RPG with Minecraft-like characters and settings.

Best indie games in South Korea

  • Heroes Restaurant. A restaurant game in which you not only have to dedicate yourself to the establishment, but also to hunt the ingredients. The game is RPG-style and can only be downloaded in Korea.
  • Magic Survival. Survival game where graphic minimalism is the predominant note. Take on hordes of enemies by shooting everywhere. It can be downloaded, but it is only in Korean.
  • Project mars. Who wouldn’t want to colonize Mars from their Android screen? Well, this is what this Korean game proposes: resource planning, fighting and a particular cartoon aesthetic. Only in Korea.

If you want to discover the rest of the proposals, you can visit this Google Play page with the sample of participants in the ‘Indie Game Festival’. It is worth taking a look at them.

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