This morning it was leaked that [Gmail se va a integrar con chat, salas y las videollamadas de Meet](Gmail is preparing a major redesign that will integrate email, chat, rooms and Google Meet), a renewal that now Google just confirmed, offering more details of that new business version of Gmail.

Yes, the renewed Gmail is for G Suite customers, who for years have been demanding a single place to have their emails, chat messages, rooms, tasks and more. And all this is what they will have at the end of next year.

A new home to work


Gmail for G Suite will integrate Google Chat and Google Meet ** in a single application. The Google mail client will be divided into three tabs: Mail, Chat, Rooms and Meet. With Rooms, users will be able to add tasks and attach files.

The new Gmail for G Suite clients It will officially arrive later this year, but administrators will be able to sign up to be able to preview the new integration starting in the coming weeks.

Currently only for G Suite

In an interview with The Verge, Javier Soltero, vice president of G Suite at Google, has confirmed that the integration of Gmail with Google Chat, Rooms and Meet is for G Suite customers. They don’t expect to add this integration for Gmail consumers anytime soon, but he reports that Google is “actively thinking about how and when to bring this experience to consumers who want it.”

Therefore, the integration of Gmail with chat, rooms and video calls will reach G Suite customers first, and that hopefully, in the distant future, they could allow other users to activate the integration of chat and video calls in Gmail.

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