Google Fit is renewed with new metrics and new tools to improve our health

For the second time, Google has renewed its health and fitness application. Google Fit For mobile devices and watches Wear OS will be updated in the coming days with significant improvements.

The main novelty of the renewed Google Fit is that it makes it even easier to check if we are meeting our objectives thanks to its new metrics.

All the information about our health and well-being

With this new update, Google Fit wants to become the center of all health and wellness information that is monitored by the different applications and linked devices. So on its home page we can see at a glance a summary of your metrics with our daily and weekly goals for Heart Points and Steps, see the most recent training or view the graphs of heart rate, weight and blood pressure.

As rest is a very important factor for our health, Google Fit add more metrics to monitor our sleep. Now if we have a smart watch Fossil Gen 5E , the oura ring or the sleep sensor Withings Sleep, or we are using a sleep tracker app like Sleep As Android O Sleep Cycle Now you can track our nighttime activity, see the stages of sleep or set the time we want to go to sleep as a goal.

Easier to keep track of your workouts

Google Fit for Wear OS it also receives its share of novelties. Now we will have more shortcuts to our latest workouts, in addition to showing metrics on the clock screen while we practice our favorite sport. We can also set goals and receive alerts of our rhythm.

In the Android mobile application, Google Fit now shows us a summary of our route on a map with pace and distance markers with the power option share statistics, routes or photos in social networks or contacts through messaging applications.

More Wear OS improvements

Google Wear Weather

Finally, Google Fit for Wear OS also renew the weather widget with a more youthful and eye-pleasing design, with more forecast details such as rainfall and weather alerts. Also its new relaxation screen will allow us to relieve stress with its breathing sessions and see how our heart rate improved.

Google Fit: activity and health tracking

Google Fit: activity and health tracking

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