Last week Sonos won the lawsuit against Google for a patent that the company of our favorite operating system according to the sentence was infringing on its products, and during the last few days this has resulted in we can no longer control the volume of a group of speakers.

The ecosystem Google Home has lost one of its most important features, which has caused complaints from many users, and while we wait for Google to bring back global volume control for all speakers we have to settle for your current alternative.

This is how you now control the volume of a group of speakers

The sentence has only affected the groups of speakers, to the characteristic that we group a series of speakers so that the same music is heard throughout the house or selected rooms. Sentence does not affect the “speaker pair” function which turns two speakers into one stereo speaker.

As of now for the group of speakers we cannot control the volume of all its speakers at once neither from Google Home, nor from the Google Assistant nor from the volume controls of our device. Google has started disabling this feature in their products.

How to pair two Google Nest or Google Home speakers for stereo sound

Now if we listen to music in a group of speakers and we want to adjust the volume of each one of the speakers we no longer have to go to the ‘Groups’ section, since when clicking on that virtual device the volume control will no longer appear. Now we have to press the button ‘Multimedia’ the notification ‘Shared controls’ to adjust the volume.

Volume Speakers Google Home

There we will see how it appears below the playback controls a list of volume controls for all speakers. This is the most comfortable alternative that Google has currently found so that we can easily adjust the volume of all the speakers without having to access each of the speakers. We will only have to slide the bars to adjust the volume to our liking.

Google has promised that in the future they will offer global volume control again for speakers, TVs and smart displays compatible with Google Home, but they have not been able to specify a date. We hope it won’t take long, as this feature is basic for speaker groups.

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