Three months after the second ‘Feature Drop’, Google updates the Pixel with exclusive characteristics that they will only have their mobiles, at least for a few months before they reach the devices of other manufacturers.

In the third Feature Drop we will find news that will extend the battery duration, will help us disconnect from mobile every night or keep us safe in an emergency, also install the June security patches. Next we will see in detail each of the novelties.

Smart battery improvements

The adaptive battery from Pixel 2 onwards is now even smarter. Is now able to further reduce background activity by predicting when the battery will run out for keep our Pixel on for longer.


This afternoon Google presented its new tools that will help us improve our quality of sleep, and one of them will be exclusive for a few nights for the Pixels. This is the new sleep function of the app Google watchNow we can tell you what time we want to go to sleep, listen to relaxing music, see the next reminders or see the activity log, to see the applications that we have been using in bed all night when we have awakened.

Recorder, Docs and the new Google Assistant integration

Google integrates your Recorder with the new Google Assistant (English only) so I can say things like “Hey Google, start recording my meeting” or “Hey Google, show me recordings about dogs.” The Recorder also integrates with Google Docs to allow us save transcripts in a document.

News in Personal Security

Finally, the tool Personal security it is no longer exclusive to Pixel 4 and reaches all Pixels, but the Car crash detection only reaches Pixel 3, but this last characteristic is still limited to Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The application Personal security It also receives important news, such as its new check-in system, which allows us to tell the mobile that we are going out for a walk or back home, and if we do not check-in within a set time, you can send our location in real time with our trusted contacts, in addition to offering us direct access to call emergencies in the event that we have had any incident.

Lastly, Google’s Personal Security application will also allow us ** to enable crisis alerts * to receive notifications about natural disasters or other public emergencies.

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