One of the exclusive functions of the Google Pixel it is ‘It’s Playing’ or ** Now Playing in your name in English. Launched for the first time in 2018 with the Pixel 2 in 2018, and imitated by Shazam, it allows the company’s devices to be 24 hours a day identifying nearby songs, offline and even with the screen off, showing the title and artist of the song. song on the lock screen.

During all these three years, the function ‘It is ringing’ has hardly received any important news, but it seems that this will change very soon thanks to the latest update of Android System Intelligence, which will add an important novelty.


Your favorite songs on ‘It’s sounding’

Currently, ‘It is sounding’ is limited to saving in a single history all the songs that the device has been able to recognize throughout the day, showing at what time and day each song was identified. Then, if the user wants to save one of those songs, he has to use other applications, such as YouTube Music or Spotify.

The fastest way to recognize songs on Android and without installing anything: the 'Sound Search' widget

Pretty soon it looks like the ‘Now Playing’ section will split into two tabs. The usual history will be accompanied by new tab ‘Favorites’ or ‘Favorites’. There we can quickly save all those songs that we liked without having to resort to other applications.

Is Playing Favorites

As we see in the screenshots, to the right of each song we will have the new heart icon to bookmark the song. This way it will be more comfortable and easy to manage all those songs that we liked and that maybe at that moment we do not have time to save it in a YouTube Music or Spotify playlist as it requires more screen touches, and therefore something else. of time.

The launch of the favorites in ‘It is sounding’ is expected to be imminent, but it is not known if this function will arrive first on the Pixel 6 with a temporary exclusive or if all Google Pixels compatible with this function will arrive from day one.

Vía | XDA-Developers
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