The summer version of the MIUI beta has arrived dark mode for Xiaomi smartphones. Naturally, not only the developments, but also the fans ready to receive immediately all the updates began to test it. But there was bad luck. They found that the dark mode of some beta devices was a stable update. However, it has become problematic to go back. The dark theme stayed. There is no way to disable it: no button or switch button appears in the current firmware version.

Dark Fashion in MIUI

The most interesting was the number of users did not want to activate the Dark theme. The simple dark mode came by default. White items like the menu, the notification font became black. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not provided the method to disable the inconvenience. Fortunately, there are always two ways to tackle the problem:

  1. A simple procedure is to use "Settings";
  2. A third-party application.

How to disable dark mode on Xiaomi?

Method 1. To solve the problem without installing additional software.
Go to "Settings" -> Display -> Dark Mode -> Disable.

If this item is not available in the device menu, proceed to the second method.

Method 2. To resolve the problem with the help of the third-party application "Themes for Telegram"

  1. Download the "Themes for Telegram" app from Google Play Store;

  2. Run it on your smartphone and allow the requested settings.

  3. Go to "Settings" by tapping three dots in the top right corner and select the same name item;

  4. Go to "Night Mode", press "No";

  5. Dark mode must be disabled and you can uninstall the application.

If you know of any other way to solve the problem on Xiaomi, share them in the comments below. We are sure that they will be useful for someone.

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