How to disable sending statistics to Google from an Android

Use And Diagnosis
How to disable sending statistics to Google from an Android

We are going to show you how you can disable sending statistics from your mobile phone. In general, when we are configuring the mobile for the first time, we usually check the different boxes that the manufacturers mark us, among which the device data collection option is usually checked by default. Once we have accepted, this function is somewhat hidden in the system, so it is not too easy to find if we do not investigate on our own.

If we do not want the phone to be sending data to Google about the use we make of it, we can disable this option in a simple way so that it is marked that our smartphone will not share this type of data.

Disable Use and Diagnostic options

Use And Diagnosis

According to Google, the Usage and Diagnostics information helps them improve battery life, stability of system applications, and much more. For practical purposes there is no improvement at these points, beyond the data that Google collects can help them improve subsequent versions of the system, applications and more, but nothing in real time. This Use and Diagnosis information has to do with the device and its use, that is, how the battery behaves, activity of system applications, small errors that are automatically reported, etc.

Google analyzes the behavior of the device with a view to improving Android, but if we do not want it to analyze our usage information, we can disable the data sending option

In short, Google analyzes the behavior of devices to try to improve those points where you see deficiencies, although this implies that we are sending this type of data. Although it is not personal information, for mere privacy, we have the right not to share this data on the use of our phone with anyone. If this is the case, to deactivate it we have to follow these steps.

  • We open the mobile settings

  • We go to the ‘Privacy’ section

  • Within ‘Privacy’ click on ‘Advanced’ so that all the options are displayed

  • Click on ‘Use and Diagnosis’

  • We change from ‘On’ to ‘Off’ mode

As you can see, it is quite easy to disable this option, although it is somewhat hidden within the advanced privacy settings. When you deactivate the Use and Diagnostics data, the phone will stop sending
information related to the use of Google.


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