How to download your Covid Certificate to WhatsApp to teach it in seconds

How to download your Covid Certificate to WhatsApp to teach
How to download your Covid Certificate to WhatsApp to teach

Once the Covid Certificate has been obtained, it is convenient to have it printed and download it to your mobile phone, so you make sure that it is always accessible. What’s more, there are ways you don’t lose it on the phone: we tell you how you can open it directly from WhatsApp or Telegram. It is a quick process that will make you very comfortable.

With the rebound in the incidence of the Coronavirus, and Christmas with restrictions that await us, it is convenient to have the Covid Certificate downloaded in order to teach it quickly. There are several ways to save this Certificate on the phone: from using Google Pay to directly opening the PDF file. What do you waste time locating said file? If what you use the most on your mobile is WhatsApp, saving the Covid Certificate there will make you gain speed.

First things first: download the Covid Certificate

Download Covid Certificate

If you still do not have the document that accredits you have passed the Coronavirus, have a negative test or have been vaccinated, the first thing is that you proceed to download it on the phone. There are two ways to do this: make use of the health application of your community or request the Covid Certificate at the Spanish Ministry of Health.

How to download the Covid Certificate to your mobile to have it available offline

To download the Covid Certificate proceed as follows:

  • Download from Google Play the health application that corresponds to your Autonomous Community. By searching for “health” and the community you can easily install it. Once with the app, log in with your user data (you can request it at the clinic) and look for the Covid Certificate section.
  • In the event that you have Cl @ ve or a digital certificate, you can request the Covid Certificate directly at the Ministry of Health. Access this link and follow the guided process to download the PDF document.

Whichever method you choose, you will have a PDF document with a description of your status against Covid-19 and a QR code that allows you to check that this status is correct according to health authorities. Once with the document on the phone, you have to attach it to WhatsApp and Telegram to have it accessible in seconds.

How to install the Covid Certificate on WhatsApp

Covid Whatsapp Certificate

For this process we will create a personal chat, we will upload the PDF as a file to said chat and We will “pin” it so that the conversation is at the top. This way you will have the Covid Certificate clearly visible as soon as you open your WhatsApp: enter your chat, click on the file and you will be able to show the QR code.

Let’s see the steps to have the Certificate in a personal chat:

  • You have to open a WhatsApp chat only with you. You have several ways, although the simplest is that you create a group with a second person (notify him first) and, once created, kick him out of the group. It will be exclusively for you, as a personal chat.
  • Once you have your chat, click on the clip icon, click on “Document”, look for the Covid Certificate (it is most likely to be found in “Downloads”) and upload it.
  • When the PDF is in your chat you will only have to click on the PDF to open it. Choose “Drive” as the default app.
Covid Whatsapp Certificate

  • Exit to the WhatsApp chats section, press and hold on your personal chat and click on the pin icon, the one on the left.
  • Your chat, with the Covid Certificate, will always remain in the upper area, over the rest of the conversations. So you will have it located.
Covid Whatsapp Certificate

  • An extra to open the Covid Certificate even faster is add your chat as a widget to the desktop. Choose WhatsApp from the widget section, select your chat and you can open it almost instantly.

How to install the Covid Certificate in Telegram

Covid Telegram Certificate

The process is basically identical to the previous one, although more simplified since Telegram offers a personal chat as standard where you can save all the files that you can think of, including the Covid Certificate.

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Once you have the document downloaded to your mobile, open your Telegram app and follow these steps:

  • Go to your “Saved Messages”.
  • Upload the Covid Certificate as a file by clicking on the attachments clip.
  • Once the PDF is in the chat, click on the three menu points to the left of the message. Select “Set”.
Covid Telegram Certificate

  • Once the Covid Certificate is fixed in your saved messages the document will be at the top of the screen. Now go to the front page of chats and hold on “Saved messages”.
  • Select the pin to set your personal chat, so it will always be available even if you have tons of groups and conversations.
Covid Telegram Certificate

  • As with WhatsApp, you can pin a Telegram widget to the desktop to directly access your chat with the Covid Certificate.

Have the Covid Certificate in the messaging application you use the most makes it easy not to lose the document and access it in seconds if you need to show it. It is very comfortable and is perfect for those who do not have much idea of ​​phones and are used to making use of WhatsApp and the like.


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