Upgrade to Android 9 Pie brought many useful features. In total, we will be disappointed. Indeed, Huawei smartphone users have an impossible call recording problem. The apps provided function are no longer available from Google blocked access to the function.

Recording call on Huawei

The excuse of the company is that some changes in the security and privacy policy are in line with the laws in some countries. Indeed in some countries the call recording is forbidden if there is no consent from both speakers. In other countries, registration itself is not illegal, but it is impossible to publish confidentiality information without the consent of both parties. Anyway after the call recording feature of Android 9, some Huawei and Honor smartphones have stopped working.

How to enable call recording on Huawei (Honor) phones without Root access? 3

It should be noted that some users have found a way to solve this problem. However it is necessary to get root access for the device and therefore do not have any guarantee. Nevertheless, there is a less risky way to recover functionality.

How to activate call recording on Huawei and Honor phones?

  1. Download HwCallRecorder archive and install it
  2. Restart your smartphone and open the call function;
  3. You will see three dots in the upper right corner, tap on it;
  4. Select "Settings";
  5. Look for "Automatically save calls", activate it.

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