How to have a direct access to Google Weather on your mobile

How to have a direct access to Google Weather on
How to have a direct access to Google Weather on

Probably, within mobile applications that can help us in our day to day, those related to the weather forecast are some of the most useful. Among them, we can find alternatives for all tastes: from the most complete ones like WeatherPro or Shadow Weather to others as curious as Appy Weather or Ventusky.

And let’s not forget Google Time, which is present in all Android phones, although many are unaware of its existence. Don’t expect to find it in the Google app drawer, in the list of apps installed on your phone or on Google Play; It is a web-app that you can anchor on your desktop using a shortcut.

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A web-app with direct access to the app style

Google weather

The Google News & Weather app has long since disappeared from Google Play. But that doesn’t mean we can’t check Google’s weather forecast quickly on our mobile. In fact, the company long ago renewed its new weather experience for Android and shortly after added the possibility of pinning a shortcut on the phone as an app.

Indeed, the Google Weather application cannot be downloaded because it does not exist as such in Google Play, but It is possible to access it from any Android mobile and you can pin it to the desktop. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open Discover on your mobile (the desktop to the left of the main one) and click on the “G” of the widget or open the browser and find the time.

  • You will instantly see the weather information of your location current, click on it and it will take you to the Google weather section.

Google Weather 02

  • Touch the three menu items and click “Add to home screen”.

  • At the moment you will have a direct access to the application on your desktop with an icon that, when pressed, will take you to the Google Weather section.

Google Weather 04

It is a web-app and, therefore, offers the same information that Google provides in its search engine, but the direct access behaves like a mobile weather app. It has an attractive and highly visual design, provides a large amount of data and does not include ads or in-app purchases. By the way, Google gets the forecast from The Weather Channel, a reputed weather service.


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