This is Bundled Notes, one of the best alternatives to Google Keep to create notes and to-do lists

This is Bundled Notes one of the best alternatives to
This is Bundled Notes one of the best alternatives to

To the best applications to take notes on Android we have to add now Bundled Notes, an application that reached the Play Store at the end of December 2020, and that since its launch has proven to be one of the best alternatives to Google Keep.

During its first months of life, Bundled Notes It has not stopped improving with its updates, translating its application into Spanish, among other languages, and since this week allowing its users to attach images and files in their notes, then we will a review of all the features what does this offer us powerful note app.

Bundled Notes organize your notes in notebooks

Bundled Notes

Bundled Notes has been inspired by Google Keep when creating your application notes, to-do lists, and reminders, but empowering your organization, since all our notes and lists are organized in notebooks called “bundles”.

Within each notebook we can organize each of our notes or lists through their labels, which in addition to working as filters, they will also give color to given one of our notes so that later they are easily located and identified.

This Android app is a perfect clone of Apple Notes

Bundled Notes lets us give you format to our notes thanks to its rich text editor and the use Markdown, a feature that many users have been asking for years in Google Keep.

Bundled Notes

When creating a notebook or ‘bundled’ we see that the application offers us different templates or styles. We can create a notebook, from a predetermined list, a list of movies and series, from a project or tutorial type. In each notebook we have to put a name and a description.

Bundled Notes

For each note we can attach images or files, add reminders, duplicate a note, move or copy it to another ‘bundled’, or share it as plain text or in HTML to our contacts. What Bundled Notes does not currently allow is to create collaborative notes with other users.

The application Bundled Notes it will synchronize all the notes with our devices, it also allows us to customize its interface through its themes, text fonts and the behavior we want it to do when we slide a note to the right or left.

Bundled Notes has free version, but this limited to 6 bundles and it only allows us to upload files of up to 20 MB to each note, with a total of 150 MB of cloud storage for free users. If we pay for your subscription (€ 1.89 / month or € 15.99 / year) we have unlimited bundles and 10 GB of storage with the possibility of uploading files of up to 200 MB.

Bundled Notes - Notes, Lists, To-do, Reminders

Bundled Notes – Notes, Lists, To-do, Reminders

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