One of the most striking features of the new Google phones loses its exclusivity thanks to the installation of a simple APK: the magic eraser of the Google Pixel 6 works perfectly on other Google Pixels. We have compared it and the results are the same, also the processing time is similar.

With each batch of phones, brands try to differentiate them by adding new features. Whether hardware or design; without forgetting the software, there is always some new app, or exclusive feature, that aims to make a difference. And Google is no stranger to this strategy, that its Pixels offer certain Android features that are not in other phones. As with the magic eraser of Google Photos; even though it has lost the exclusivity of the Pixel 6.

Same result as in the Google Pixel 6

Magic Eraser Google Pixel

We are currently analyzing the Google Pixel 6, the famous magic eraser was one of the options we tried first. It is a tool included in the Google Photos app that It appears only in a specific version, the one for the aforementioned Pixel 6. And the funny thing is that Google has not blocked the draft to that device model: if the APK is installed, and you have a Pixel, the tool appears the same.

You can now download all the tones, notification sounds and alarms of the Pixel 6

For the test we have extracted the APK of our Google Pixel 6 and we have installed it on a Pixel 4a. The specific version is 5.64, it is not patched and can be downloaded from APK Mirror. We have used our own APK, but it is possible to add the magic draft with the aforementioned APK Mirror file. Yes indeed, as long as the mobile is a Pixel: the Google Photos tool does not appear on other phones.

To have the magic eraser on your Google Pixel you must do the following:

  • Download the APK of version 5.64.
  • It is a XAPK file or “bundle”, you need a suitable installer.
  • Install the file on your Google Pixel and update Google Photos.
Magic Eraser Google Pixel

How the magic eraser works

Once you have updated the application with the APK, go to Google Photos and choose the image from which you want to remove any element. Click on “Edit”, go to the “Tools” tab and select “Magic Eraser”. Trace an outline around the person or object you want to disappear and Google Photos will work its magic.

The magic eraser works with any image found in the Google Photos gallery, it does not have to be made with a Pixel

The magic eraser results are identical on the Google Pixel 6 and other Pixels updated with the APK. Even the processing time is similar: our Pixel 4a has taken the same time to remove objects as our Pixel 6.

Via | Android Police

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