With the arrival of YouTube Shorts, an important feature also came to the Google video portal: loop a YouTube video. In the past, YouTube It only allowed you to loop playlists, but now it also allows you to loop a video easily, without the need for tricks like creating a playlist with a single video.

Play videos in loop It can be practical in some situations, such as putting an ambient sound in the background, putting our child’s favorite drawings, practicing that new choreography, or listening to that new song that we are liking so much over and over again. And for this, then we will see how to loop videos or playlists with YouTube for Android.

Looping a video

YouTube Loop

We start first with the option to play in loop a single video, which is the fastest and easiest option to use. So we just have to follow these steps:

  1. Play a video.
  2. Tap on the video to activate the playback controls.
  3. Click on the upper right icon Plus (the three dots icon).
  4. Activate option Loop playback.

With this option the video will be repeated continuously until we deactivate loop playback, or close the video or start playing a new video.

Loop through a playlist

YouTube Loop

If we want to play several videos in a loop we have to use a playlist. When playing a playlist we have the loop playback icon. If we press it once, the icon will be marked in bold and the entire list will loop.

If we want to repeat a video from the list we have to touch the looping icon again to a 1 appears in the icon. This way that single video will loop and will not jump to the next video in the list.

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Create a playlist

Youtube List

If you do not know how to create playlists on YouTube, we will explain how it is done. You just have to touch the option Keep that appear in the action menu of a video. There you will save the video in the recent list, but by clicking on Change we can select or create another list.

Youtube List

We can also save videos in a playlist without having to play a video, from search results or recommendations. Here we have to click on the icon with the three dots to open the options menu and click on Add to Playlist.

Playlists are found in the tab Library. There we will see all the lists that we have created and to reproduce them we just have to click on them and then on the “Play” icon so that each of their videos will begin to play.

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