Mid 2019 Spotify launched for its Android users the car view, a new simplified interface that was activated when the car’s Bluetooth was detected and that made it easier to view and change the songs from the car but now the company to the surprise of many users has eliminated.

For a few days Spotify for Android no longer supports car view, and according to the company, it is not because they do not want their users to listen to Spotify while driving but rather are exploring new ways to deliver the best in-car experience, and while working on it through their support forum they inform users of the alternatives to listen to Spotify in the car.

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Spotify in the car

Spotify Android Auto

The current interface of Spotify for Android It is not at all comfortable to use in the car, since its letters and buttons are not intended to be used while we are sitting in a car and with the mobile placed on the dashboard, and if not our car does not have Android Auto we will have to use the Google Assistant on mobile, which is currently the safest and most comfortable way to listen to music from mobile.

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The closest thing to Spotify car view We find it in the new driving mode of the Google Assistant. In this new interface, it allows us to access a version of Spotify adapted to the car, showing a simplified player with large buttons that is convenient to see and use when we are standing in the car.

Google Assistant Driving Mode Spotify

But as Spotify support reports, the best way to use Spotify in the car is through the Google Assistant hands-free. With the commands “Hey Google, listen to Spotify” or “Listen [artista/canción/álbum]”We can already listen to our favorite music while driving.

Spotify Google Maps Waze

In addition, these voice commands to control playback also work on Google Maps, which also shows an integrated Spotify player, as in Waze.

Via | Android Police

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