We will teach you how to record timer videos on TikTok
so you can make your videos without using your hands, putting the mobile where you want. It is a simple and easy option to activate, but you may not have found where it is.

With this setting we can record videos without worrying about our hands, since it will be enough to support the mobile on any surface to start recording

This is how timer videos are recorded on TikTok


TikTok is one of the most downloaded applications in the world, in which thousands and thousands of videos are uploaded daily. One of the options that the application allows us is to record videos using the timer. Thus, we can support the mobile wherever we want, since the video will begin to be recorded after an adjustable countdown to our liking.

The timer icon allows us to manually adjust the seconds it will take for the camera to start recording

To record videos with a timer on TikTok we just have to open the application and open the recording mode. On the right side of the application we will see a small icon of a stopwatch: we just have to click here. By giving, the timer options are opened, which can be programmed with a maximum of 15 seconds.

Once we have adjusted the recording time, we just have to click “start recording” and the application will record the video automatically. This is a simple way to record “hands-free”, just adjusting this option.

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