The improvements that Xiaomi is introducing in the MIUI 12 beta continue to expand: the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is testing a new application to manage the phone from the computer. The app, called ‘Screen combo’, allows transfer files, open mobile applications from computer and mirror the mobile screen. All via WiFi.

Xiaomi mobiles are waiting for an important update of their personalized layer: MIUI 12. Some already have it available, others continue to wait for their turn. And this does not mean that Xiaomi has stopped the development of new functions, quite the contrary: the Chinese beta adds something new almost every week. And the latter will be very useful for those who combine the use of mobile and computer.

The mobile screen on the computer and with WiFi

Xiaomi Screen Combo

Computer application. Image from MIUI HELP News!

At the moment it is not available in stable mode, it has not left China either. AND can only be used by Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, the brand is conducting tests on these models. It is expected that it ends up reaching the rest of the models that update to MIUI 12, although for this we will surely have to wait a few months.

Screen Combo allows you to connect a Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra to a Windows computer (it is currently compatible with the Mi Notebook Pro 15 from 2020) to manage your phone from the big screen. The functionality was communicated through the Telegram channel of MIUI Help News (in Russian) and was confirmed by XDA Developers: it is real and is in the latest MIUI 12 beta for the aforementioned Xiaomi mobile, the Mi 10 Ultra.

Xiaomi Screen Combo

MIUI 12 screenshots. MIUI HELP News!

To activate ‘Screen combo’ you have to go to the Xiaomi mobile settings and click on the scan button, it is also essential to open the software prepared for the PC. The phone will search for compatible computers and, if found, will enable the connection between the two. Once connected the mobile screen will be reflected on the computer screen. And from there it will be possible to rearrange icons, open applications or transfer files between both platforms by just dragging them. The function is very similar to that offered by Microsoft in Windows, called ‘Your phone’.

We will have to wait for MIUI 12 to reach the planned Xiaomi phones, also for the brand to finish testing the function of managing the phone from the computer.

Via | XDA Developers

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