We are going to show you how you can send photos and videos on WhatsApp without losing quality. Every time we send a file in the normal way WhatsApp compresses it quite a bit, which helps to make data traffic in the application lighter. However, if we want to send photos and videos without compression, there is a way to do it.

If you want send photos and videos in full size, without any loss of quality, you just have to follow the steps that we are going to show you below. The process is very simple and we will not take more than a few extra seconds compared to the usual process.

Send photos and videos via WhatsApp without losing quality

The first thing you have to do to send photos or videos that do not lose quality is open the chat of the person, group or even yourself with whom you want to share the file. Usually you would click on the ‘clip’ icon and then on ‘Gallery’ to send the files. If you do it like this WhatsApp will compress the photos and videos a lot to save space.


To avoid this, what we are going to do is click on ‘Document’. With this, what we do is open the file explorer, which will allow us to send what we want without loss of quality. It is somewhat more tedious to find the files in this way, but it is the best way to send them without losing any quality.


Regarding the video, you must bear in mind that files of more than 16 megabytes are not allowed, so we must take this into account, since it is easy for a video to occupy more than this. Regarding the photographs, unless they have a very high resolution, there should not be too many problems.

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