That old mobile that many of us keep practically forgotten in the bottom of a drawer as an emergency telephone can also be used to convert it to another type of device and get us out of trouble, or save money by avoiding having to buy another product. For example, we can turn our old mobile into a security camera or a Dash Cam for the car, or a router Wi-Fi as we will see in this article.

We cannot always contract fiber or ADSL in our home. The wiring does not reach everyone, and/or sometimes we only want to hire Internet for a very short period of time, so to avoid stays and installations, an alternative is to use a mobile Internet rate to provide Internet to the entire house, and if we don’t have a router WiFi 4G The MiFi 4G we can resort to our old mobile.

Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot on your old Android

Android Hotspot Android 6

Zona Wi-Fi en Android 6.0

From Android 2.3 we can create one Zona Wi-Fi to share the data connection of our device with the rest of the devices in the house through a Wi-Fi connection issued from our old mobile.

How to use an Android mobile as a Wi-Fi repeater without root

To do this, in addition to inserting the SIM with the data rate, we have to activate the function that for most versions of Android and customization layers has been called Zona Wi-Fi and in newer versions like Share internet.

In most devices and versions, the steps to follow to convert our old mobile into a WiFi router are as follows:

  1. Enter a Settings > Wireless connections The Settings > Networks and Internet.
  2. Click on the section Tethering and Wi-Fi Zone The Share Internet and Wi-Fi hotspot, among other variations. On some mobiles you will have to click on “More” to see this option.
  3. Flip the switch “WIFI zone The WiFi access point The Share internet.
  4. there you can Configurar la Zona Wi-Fi from that same screen or by pressing the option of said name. There you will have to add a Name, a password and, on some devices, choose the access point band.
Android Wi-Fi zone

Zona Wi-Fi en Android 9.0

The configuration of the last point is very important, since we have to add a password to have the connection protected and thus prevent anyone from connecting to our Wi-Fi connection for our data rate. Once the configuration is complete, the rest of the devices in your home, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and televisions, will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi signal emitted by your old mobile.

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